Gail Frasier


Growing up in Florida, Frasier spent many weekends on the beach collecting shells as well as skeletons of urchins, sand dollars and horse-shoe crabs. She has made her home in Colorado since 1974. The ocean of Florida, influences of her time in Jamaica and especially the mountains of Colorado inspire her work. She finds self-expression in clay's pliability, its ability to hold textures, and its durability.

From 2007 to 2009 she and her husband served in U.S. Peace Corps Jamaica where they worked in community development. Jamaican influences such as flowers, nutmeg, sweetsop and coconuts have found their way into her new work and, in some cases, morphed into Colorado themes.

In 2006, Frasier’s work was featured in two invitational shows, four publications, and is included in Evergreen – Our Mountain Community, by Gene & Barbara Sternberg. In 1996, Frasier was instrumental in launching an Artist-in-Residence program at Wilmot Elementary School, Evergreen, CO. She is President Elect for Art for the Mountain Community.